PROVO, UT | JUNE 18-20, 2020

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What others are saying about The Art of Mentoring!

The insights others had of me in this class were spot on. This was a spiritually guided event. Thank you!

Alexander P.

Thank you for helping me complete my understanding!

Megan R.

As a state delegate, I had an opportunity to talk one on one this morning with a candidate for governor. When I hung up, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had just mentored him! That was an amazing realization. These skills somehow seeped into my soul. The outcome was beautiful. You rock!

Lydia N.

Before this class i didn't know I had enough to share to mentor. I have been in a transition period of my life of creating and declaring. I now have the techniques to do those things, because I’ve already gotten started. Thank you for the tools, techniques, love, and the sense of home.

Sarah B.

This company is doing amazing things to change the world! Thank you for your knowledge, your wisdom, your energy, and your love. I can see your vision!

Boe T.

When I came to the Art of Mentoring, Kirk gave us training on drawing a picture of yourself. During the training I saw how I could use the 1st grade picture to move my friend forward. I also saw how I could create a class to encourage women and help them begin to see their full potential.

Karen Z.

I want to be an even more effective mentor-- and your materials and presentations are helping me accomplish that goal. I will be a vibrant contributor the rest of my life.

Catherine C.

Master the Art of Mentoring

Do you feel called to teach, inspire, and lead others?

Be a part of our inspirational three-day training, and learn innovative skills that support you to become a more effective mentor. Whether you mentor in a group setting, or one-on-one, you’ll learn how to set yourself apart from other mentors and coaches. Learn from someone who has mentored thousands of individuals to achieve personal and professional success.

You have unique talents and a desire to influence others for good! Now, all you need is to add direction. At The Art of Mentoring, you’ll learn how to get started, gain confidence, and put together an effective program from A-Z. You can go through the bumps and bruises of figuring out how to create your own program… or, you can learn in-person from a ‘Master Mentor.’ I want to train you! Be a part of this amazing experience.

Organize yourself and gain new momentum.

Increase your capacity to lead and influence others.

Design an effective mentoring program from start to finish.

Develop the art of enrolling and mentoring others.

Join Us At



18-20, 2020

Thursday – Saturday

Provo, Utah


Winter Special!


$547 397

Per person


QUESTIONS? EMAIL US: Support@Team3KE.com

Meet The Trainer

KIRK DUNCAN, President/Founder of 3 Key Elements and a member of National Speakers Association (NSA), is recognized nationwide as a body language expert. He has taught and mentored thousands of individuals, business owners, and community leaders to expand potential, refine talents, and increase confidence. His heart-felt message, deep spirituality and interactive storytelling captivate and move audiences of all backgrounds.



Provo, Utah

Salt Palace Convention Center


Who should attend the Art of Mentoring?

Art of mentoring is designed for those who feel called to teach, lead, and inspire others. The event focuses on innovative skills that support you to become a more effective mentor.

How long is the event? How many hours per day are we in session?

The event is 3 days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM*, with a 1 and a half hour lunch break. Total run time is 23 hours* (*ending times are approximate, and occasionally the event can run up to 10 minutes longer)

Are there breaks?

Yes. There are breaks frequently during the event, including a lunch break; also, you are free to leave the auditorium to take care of any needs you have at any time.

How much does it cost?

Tuition for The Art of Mentoring is $547.

Will food and accommodations be provided?

3 Key Elements does not provide food at the events. Water is provided; when we break for lunch, there are a number of restaurants near the Salt Palace.

Are there assigned seats?

Most of the seats at the event are on a first come first serve basis.

What should I wear?

Modest clothing is appropriate for attending our events. The event centered tends to run a little cool, so if you get cold easily consider bringing a jacket.

What do I need to bring?

We will provide you with the materials you need for the class; feel free to bring to a pen and your own water bottle.

Can I record the event with my phone or any other recording device?

Please refrain from recording the event on your phone or other devices.