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How do I get to talk to the support team?

To contact us, send an email to support@Team3KE.comThis method allows us to respond to EVERY request accurately and in a timely manner. We are always upgrading and seeking to improve your experience. YOU are what makes 3 Key Elements awesome!

How do I access the Master Your Influence recordings?

If you purchased or received Master Your Influence Online as a gift, you will be able to access the 6 2-hour+ session recordings with the following instructions (click here for a video tutorial of the instructions):


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter username (most likely the email you receive communication from us with)

Step 3: Enter password – If you forgot your password, Click Here

Step 4: Click on the Master Your Influence tab in the top menu

Step 5: Select the class date, “Master Your Influence January 2020”, from the choices on the left

I want to give my ticket to someone else.

How generous of you! We love when our students want to share what we teach with others. To do this, please be sure to include in your email to us the following:

  • Name of class you are transferring
  • Date of class you are transferring
  • Full name of the person you’re transferring the ticket to
  • That person’s phone number
  • That person’s email address

This will help to ensure the swift and successful transfer of your ticket.

I purchased something recently and still don’t see the content in my Online Academy.

We’re so glad you’re excited to receive your content! Due to the high volume of live and online events we hold, our team is frequently processing thousands of new registrations from programs, courses, and other products that have been purchased. It may take 2-3 weeks to process a purchase made at an event. We thank you for your patience as we work to deliver your valuable content and to always be improving our systems.

How do I access my Online Academy? What if I forgot my password?

Here’s a short video tutorial to show you how to access your Online Academy, and how to reset your password if you’ve forgotten it. ( If after following the instructions in the tutorial you are still having trouble accessing your Online Academy, let us know so that we can manually reset your account.

Additionally, here’s a free app we highly recommend and use ourselves to safely store and keep track of passwords, so not only do you not forget them – you don’t have to remember them! It’s called LastPass, and it works like a charm!

How do I update my payment information?

We made this 2-minute video tutorial just for you! Click the link to learn how to update your payment information through the Online Academy.

Where can I find more training from Kirk?

Isn’t Kirk an amazing trainer!? Follow this link to check out our YouTube channel where you’ll find TONS of high-quality, eye-opening and applicable training just for you. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe!

Where can I find Kirk and Kim's recommended books, audios, and other products they love and use?

Check out this page where you’ll find many of our favorite things:

Who should attend a 3 Key Elements event?

These events are designed for those who desire to improve their life and others’ through simple, yet powerful principles, techniques, and habits. The events focuses on innovative skills that support you to become a more effective and inspired parent, spouse, friend, leader, teacher, mentor, coach, entrepreneur, etc.

How long are the events?

Art of Mentoring, Present Yourself, and Royalty & Romance are each 3-day events (Thu-Sat). Queen of the Kingdom, and Break Free Intensive are 2-day events (Fri-Sat). Most live events run from 9 am – 6 pm (end times are approximate). For details about specialty or higher-level events, contact our support team directly at

Are there breaks?

Yes. There are breaks frequently during the event, including a lunch break; also, you are free to leave the venue/auditorium to take care of any needs you have at any time. For live online events, you are free to exit the webinar to take care of any needs you have at any time.

Will food and accommodations be provided?

3 Key Elements does not provide food at the events. Water is provided; when we break for lunch, there are a number of restaurants near the venue. 

Are there assigned seats?

Most of the seats at the event are on a first come first serve basis.

What should I wear?

Modest clothing is appropriate for attending our events. The event center tends to run a little cool, so if you get cold easily consider bringing a jacket.

Can I record the event with my phone or any other recording device?

Please refrain from recording the event on your phone or other devices.

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