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What will I get out of this class?

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Solving Problem #1

Self Sabotaging Pattern


It's an endless struggle to be caught in a self sabotaging pattern that you have been trying to break for years.

You can feel it…you know you should be further along in life then where you currently are.

You’ve tried to stop this pattern…and as soon as you are back on top, you feel like you have conquered it...

Only to find out…there you go again, sabotage.

How much has your self sabotaging pattern cost you so far?

How much will it cost you this year?  Are you ready to STOP this costly pattern?

I will coach you on how to break this pattern and start making massive progress!

Solving Problem #2

Shut down by your own Mind


If you haven’t learned how to get your good ideas and goals past your R.A.S., then that explains why you can finish what you started.

Your Reticular Activating System is like a “filter” inside your mind and it will reject and block your goals and good ideas which can leave you feeling like “something is wrong with you”.

Don’t throw your goals away, learn how to get past your filter, it’s a game changer!

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Kirk Duncan Coaching
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How it works


  • Open Enrollment - Join anytime
  • All training is Remote - No Travel Required
  • 2 hr weekly group coaching call every Tuesday
  • 6:30-8:30 AM (MT)
  • Recording available for download
  • Action Based Coaching
  • Customized Coaching to fit your skill level
  • Accountability System
  • Weekly Q&A to get clarity

Individual: $1497  $597       Couple:  $2497  $987

Questions? Email - Support@3keyelements.com

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Kirk Duncan

Life Coach, Seminar Leader
Body Language Expert


  • 18+ years of experience
  • 15 years of teaching monthly live seminars
  • 6,200 presentations
  • 18,000 hours of experience
  • Created 41 training programs
  • 85 appearances on TV
  • Global audience
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Ever since I made the choice to get a coach...
Everything's changed


  • Dark place, physically & emotionally
  • Depressed, overwhelmed
  • Almost ended my own life
  • Stressed, no hope in the future


  • Full of hope
  • Resilient to life's challenges
  • More confidence than ever
  • Healthier habits
  • Built an Inc. 500 award-winning company
  • Influencing people globally for good
  • Deeper in love with my wife
  • Closer to God
Why Join Kirk Duncan Group Coaching?
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You may KNOW better…But have you noticed how difficult it is to DO better?

Here’s why:

Your daily choices and actions are mostly influenced and controlled by what is in your deep mind, in your subconscious.

These are your patterns, habits and attitudes.

During the day you work hard attempting to break free of these hardwired behaviors. You most likely will lose that battle if you are not specifically using Mindset Techniques to assist you in over powering those old behaviors.

It’s commonly thought, “something is wrong with me”, but the truth is, you lack the skill, and the know-how, to literally change your mind.

Individual: $1497  $597       Couple:  $2497  $987

Questions? Email - Support@3keyelements.com

Kirk Duncan


From: Kirk

Utah, USA

18 years ago, I was at the end of my rope. Everything I did crashed and burned. I didn't believe in myself. I was 100 pounds heavier. My marriage was on the rocks. 

I wanted to be happy... but I could barely even get out of bed.

In fact, I was so tired of not seeing the improvements I wanted that I started to give up...

Things got dark enough for me that I even considered taking my own life.

If I couldn't change... what was the point? ...right?...

Before I could finish that thought, the cosmic two-by-four smacked me across the head and I heard a voice say "DUNCAN! What are you doing!"

I realized just how terrible this situation was... my own poor opinions of myself along with discouraging and degrading thoughts had gotten me to the point that for a moment I actually believed the world would be better off without me.


I decided in that moment that I needed to figure out how to beat the negative thoughts, how to have positive opinions of myself, and how to get my mind to work for me to accomplish more goals, improve my relationships, and live the life I want to live.

It took me quite a while (and years of struggle!) to figure it out, but now 17 years later and living my purpose, I know exactly what habits, strategies, and techniques that can take anyone from where they are now to where they want to be.

It's not magic... it's mindset.

That's why I designed this program - so I can meet you where you are and we can build your best self... together.

So what are you waiting for? Your future won't build itself... jump in today.

I'll see you on the inside!

We think this will change your life.

so do they.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this really work for me?

While that largely depends on you consistently applying the strategies Kirk teaches you, Kirk has been coaching people for over 18 years and has 1,000’s of testimonials expressing the changes people have experienced. The secret to success here is to create a daily plan and to follow that plan.

What if I miss one of the weekly trainings?

We understand that there will be times that you can’t attend the weekly training in person.  We will record each training session and make it available for you to download and save it for your viewing.  The download will only be available for 7 days after the training.

Is there a couples tuition?

Yes. When you click the button to register it will give you an option to click the COUPLE button.  That tuition is for both of you. Couples do fantastic from this training because they can share their insights and ah-ha’s with each other which can be very motivating.

What if I have questions about the training or the content?

Each week at the end of the training session there is a 30 minute time for Q&A.  Participate in that Q&A to get your questions answered. Kirk answers as many questions as he can during that time frame.

What makes this program different from others I’ve seen?

Over the last 18 years Kirk has developed a structure and system that facilitates change.  He also uses his own unique gifts and talents to listen and problem solve as he works one-on-one with people.  You will witness this as you watch and listen to him as he personally coaches members in the program.  You will notice how he customizes mindset techniques to fit the person's needs to break through their limitations. Kirk knows how to find the real source to the problem and what needs to be done to correct it.

What is required of me during this program?

To learn these life changing skills you will choose a 30 day goal to work on.  Each day you will be following a success routine and tracking your progress.  At the end of the week you will report on your routine tracker along with your successes for the week. Each Tuesday Kirk will be on a ZOOM call to give additional training, answer questions and offer coaching.  The intention is to learn how to reduce self sabotage and stay on track to accomplish your goal.

Individual: $1497  $597       Couple:  $2497  $987

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