Open your mind to every message that comes your way.

You know body language is an important part of human communication. Now it’s time to bust open the doors of your mind and take it to the extreme. With this level of training you will be able to dissect every move and leave no twitch unnoticed. In this 8 segment program you will discover how to read minute details, increase your overall understanding of body gestures at a glance, and find concrete ways to address people’s concerns in meaningful ways. Get confident in your ability to see what others are really saying. Get Body Language Xtreme today.


How It Works:


‘Choose in’ and register.


Over the course of 16 weeks, you will receive 8 videos.


Listen, learn, and apply what Kirk teaches to take your understanding of Body Language to the Xtreme.

Body Language Xtreme
with Kirk Duncan
$597 per person.

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