Join Kody Duncan in this 5-week personal coaching program to engineer powerful habits super-charged with willpower psychology.

First things first...

What's the program?

At this point you've probably lost count of how many times you've tried to develop your ideal habit... You might be wondering if there's something wrong with you. Everyone tells you to just "try harder"... but you feel like there's no more to give. You're afraid you may never become the person you know you can be...

This program is engineered to empower your mind to go from "trying harder" to "trying smarter". You'll have the structure you need to succeed, and the guide to lead the way. You're not broken; you just need education, better instructions, and a coach to hold you to it.

Let's see what you can become...


Weekly Calls

Meet with Kody each week via Zoom. These 5, 60-minute sessions are personalized and packed with education, insights, and actionable steps for YOU to develop YOUR habit.

Daily Accountability

Psychological studies show that reporting your progress daily significantly increases the likelihood of creating your desired habit, so that's exactly what you'll do in this program.

Doable Steps

A core principles of this program is that success is about simplifying things to be possible, not overcomplicating them. You'll work with Kody to design a plan that works for YOU to get results.

Finally, you can

Build Integrity

There are few feelings more powerful than the satisfaction of having done what you said you would do. You can start to believe in yourself again... and watch as your family and friends start to believe and trust you more when they witness your consistency.

Stop wishing you could

Take Control of Your Life

The world is crazy these days... most of the chaos that clouds your mind is lightyears out of your control. But your habits aren't... Ever heard the phrase "control the controllables"? What you choose to DO, THINK, and FEEL is always within your control. What you choose consistently becomes your habit, and then becomes your life. 

What Our Students Have Said

Danielle Johnson

I have been attending trainings with 3 Key Elements for five years! My life has changed dramatically. It has been amazing. They know what they are talking about!

Joshua Paul Prieto

Every event and program I've been a part of has been valuable. I always get an extra level of clarity on the direction I'm heading, actionable steps to make changes in my life, and a chance to mingle with awesome people.

Karen Bowler

Life is one big project and the people here have helped give me the tools I need to build my life the way I want it. Thank you everyone at 3 Key Elements!

Reliable Training

From an award-winning TEAM

This program was created with the support of the same team that's brought you 80+ transformational programs over the past 17+ years.


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