Money Friends

Everybody wants or needs more money. The difference between your struggle and success with money is more about your psychology than it is about a job. What are your behaviors and thought patterns when it comes to wealth? Kirk and Kim Duncan, your lifestyle mentors, work with many people who have money issues. They have changed thousands of people’s lives through one simple technique that improved their money mindset and experience.

What are Money Friends?

The way we talk about and view our finances creates our money experience. Kirk and Kim share how to set up money friends so that you can have a more positive and abundant experience. Begin your friendship with money today!

  • Compile your set of money friends, made up of a 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollar bill. Many people use plastic all the time and have a disconnect with money. With a full set put together, you can readily see that you have money.
  • Every morning, look at each bill individually, and say, “I have money.” This changes your psychology so you can see opportunities to earn more money.
  • Keep your set of money friends in a safe place, such as a money clip, pocket, purse, or wallet. Respect money, and you’ll receive more of it.

When you transform your mindset first, your experience will change. You can work hard your entire life, but until you change your perspective of money, you will struggle to maintain or increase your abundance. When you employ this technique and become friends with money, you will begin to see opportunities to make more money for your family.

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