Follow Your Heart to Happiness

Understanding the 5 Conditions of the Heart

  1. Walls –
    • Hurt, Uncertainty, Protection
  2. Storms & Hurricanes –
    • Creating Safety, Managing Damage, Clean Up
  3. The Rainbow of Emotions –
    • How do I love and care for all of them?
  4. Sunrise & Sunset –
    • Letting In & Letting Go
  5. The Garden –
    • Care-taking of the Past, Present, and Future Self

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Learn it • Live it • Love it

The Journey:

  • Kim is your heart guide & mentor
  • 90-day journey
  • 6 training sessions with instruction and steps
  • 1 hour each session
  • Remote training
  • No travel required
  • Communication through conference call and internet access
  • Group training experience
  • Open Question & Answer time

Yes! This really works!

  • UNLOCK the chains of frustration, save time by being mentored on what really to focus on.
  • STOP feeling emotionally trapped by your circumstances.
  • STOP imploding and exploding towards people or situations that you cannot manage.
  • START finding effective ways to be calm even with complete chaos all around you.

You may know what to do…
…now it’s time to live
what you know

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