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This is where you will find all additional training and resources that aren't found in the online course Modules or grouped into bigger categories (like the Essentials of Self-Mastery).

Training Replays on this page were held as live bonus webinars that weren't already included in the weekly schedule. Some of them cover topics that are also found in the online course Modules.

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Let Go Techniques

Get the Let Go Techniques

Reconciliation Process

Get the Reconciliation Process

The Racket Cycle

Go to the Racket Cycle Training

10 Brain Hacks

Download the 10 Hacks to Supercharge Your Brain

Forgiveness letter guide

Get the Forgiveness Letter guide

Training Replay: Battleground Training


Training Replay: Zoom Hacks


Note: You only see me in the replay when talking about Spotlighting other attendees' videos because the cloud recording settings were set to record Active Speaker View. To have other's spotlighted videos show up in your cloud recordings, you must set it to record Gallery View in Step 3. Also, Immersive View will only display in a local recording. This training was recorded to the Zoom cloud. That is why you only see a white background during that section of the replay.

Training Replay: How to get 1,000's of Fans


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Training Replay: Enrollment


Training Replay: Storytelling
Training Replay: Income Producing Activities