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After 18 years of coaching and doing over 22 million in business, one thing you realize is that having solid coaching content is THE foundation to a successful coaching business.

(but most coaches struggle HARD with this part)

Maybe you...

  • Have some ideas… But you can’t figure out how to organize them?
  • Have life experience… but no idea what niche to choose?
  • Or maybe you have an existing coaching program… but have this gut feeling it's lacking something?

Give me 15 minutes, and I’ll show you 3 specific, actionable adjustments to make in your coaching content that’ll go a LONG way in helping solve any one of these problems.

This Friday (Oct 13) at 9 am MT, I’m hosting a free live interactive workshop where I'll bring on individuals ONE BY ONE to get a chance to share with me your coaching ideas, tell me where your stuck, and I'll help you turn your rough content into a highly valuable coaching program.

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See you there!

Kirk Duncan

President of 3 Key Elements, Life Coach, Mentor, Global Warrior of the Mind

You'll learn:


Need help refining?


Not sure which niche to pick?


Don't know how to distill your wisdom into actionable advice?


How to turn advice into a technique?


Come get roasted by me!

Friday, 13 October 2023, 9:00 AM

Mountain Time (US & Canada)