“Unstick” Yourself – Unlock Your Brain

Are you stuck? Learn from Kirk & Kim—your lifestyle mentors—how to “unstick” yourself.
Signs you may be stuck in a rut:

  • You put in lots of effort, but make little progress
  • You don’t want to get out of bed in the morning
  • You feel like giving up
  • You have ongoing relationships issues
  • You’re constantly behind with money
  • You feel discouraged, and just can’t figure things out

3 simple techniques to unlock your brain and move your life forward:

  1. Journaling. Two forms of journaling that will clean up your mind:
    • Write down what is bothering and frustrating you
    • Write down what you want in life – your wishes and dreams
  2. Go for a walk outside.
    • As you walk away from the house, complain and unload
    • As you walk back toward the house, speak of all the things you’re grateful for
  3. Listen and sing to music. Use music intentionally to get your thought process moving again.

For additional training to “unstick” yourself, join us at Master Your Influence. This class will teach you how to move forward, accomplish your goals, and live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Master Your Influence
3-day event in Salt Lake City
May 10-12
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