(Formerly Known as Make a CD)

2.7 hours of video

Make it Personal

Make it Personal

  • Discover who your message is for
  • Create an after-story for your listeners
  • Prepare the questions you’ll answer and the stories you’ll share

Who are you trying to connect with using your message? When you know who you’re trying to reach, you are more prepared to share with them what they need to know. Come up with your after story of how your CD will affect your listeners, and then ponder the questions you plan to answer. Preparation is key for making a good CD; what are the stories you plan to share?

Estimated time to complete: 19 mins

Kirk Duncan


Kirk Duncan, President & Founder of 3 Key Elements, was born and raised in Wyoming. He and his beautiful wife Kimberlee have 3 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, and 3 adorable grandchildren. 

Prepare Your Stories

Prepare Your Stories

  • Write down your stories
  • Practice delivering your message
  • Learn to roll with changes

To deliver a solid story, you need to practice it frequently. The order you put it in is as important as how you deliver it. What really matters is that you know your material, and that you learn to roll with the moment. Remember, practice makes progress!

Estimated time to complete: 32 mins

Master Your Voice


Master Your Voice

  • Overcome negative inner voices through positive reinforcement
  • Increase your voice power through singing
  • Connect your voice to your heart through forgiving others and yourself

As you continue to prepare to record your message, it is important to increase your belief in yourself and in your message. Others will hear the conviction in your voice. Singing will increase its flexibility. Your voice will connect with your heart as you forgive others, and forgive yourself of past challenges. You're listeners will know you can help them by how well these techniques have helped you.

Estimated time to complete: 27 mins

Sharing Your Message

Sharing Your Message

  • Prepare the final touches for your audio recording
  • Record and duplicate your audio for others to hear it
  • Use the finishing touches checklist

Successful people duplicate what they do. As you share with others the steps that you have taken and what you've accomplished, you'll find a great reward in hearing the success of others. Share the stories and examples of what can happen to you as you reach further out to influence the lives of others. Now is the time to add the finishing touches to your audio recording.

Estimated time to complete: 34 mins



  • Share your audio and build its value and influence
  • Find all the reasons you should share your message
  • The energy you put into your audio will be felt by listeners

Good work on finishing your message. Have you shared it yet? Your audio doesn’t have a life of its own; you’re the one who gives it its value and influence. Share your audio and believe it will help people. Build them up, give them energy, and keep moving forward on sharing your message with the world. Your knowledge and wisdom will help so many people. Be the one to share it.

Estimated time to complete: 18 mins