The common person will drop off from their New Year’s resolution within the first month. It’s tough to accomplish your goals when they are not on the top of your mind. Learn how to stay focused on your resolutions by supercharging your mind.

Watch Kirk and Kim Duncan, your lifestyle mentors, and learn how to stay committed and dedicated to your new lifestyle with these two mentoring steps. Everyone can do better in life if they have a vision and a clear story of where they are going.

Create a Vision Board

  • Find a picture that reminds you of your goal
  • Write a description about your goal
  • Create a purpose
  • Review your Vision Board each morning and evening

Write your Personal Story

  • Fill 1 page
  • Think of what you want to accomplish in the next 6 months
  • Include finite details & descriptions
  • Read or listen to your Personal Story each morning and evening

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