Reconnect After an Argument

Ever had an argument you struggled to come back from? Every couple faces new obstacles each day. Instead of letting these problems divide them, they can learn to solve them together. On Good Things Utah, Kirk & Kim Duncan share 3 important tips to get back on the same page. Watch their segment now and learn how to reconnect with your significant other.

  • View problems differently. Approach and resolve challenges from the perspective of being in love. Separate your problems from your relationship.
  • Your differences can benefit your relationship. See each other’s weakness as opportunities to improve together, not to fix each other.
  • After an argument, respect each other’s need for proper healing. Take plenty of time to close the space between you as you reconnect.

Couples need training to refine these and other skills to keep their marriages thriving. Kirk & Kim offer a powerful, life-changing class to give couples an opportunity to learn these techniques.

What should you expect at Royalty & Romance?

Royalty & Romance is a 3-day class for couples. At this event, Kirk & Kim share the principles they’ve learned and used to strengthen their relationship. To register to attend, visit Learn of your royal identity and protect your kingdom.