3:00 AM

Remove blocks that affect being in tune
Tuning into a clear station is what we all seek. Learn techniques of strengthening your spiritual ability to listen and hear the messages that are coming to you. It is time that you adjust so you can hear what to do next.

9 Costly Mistakes

Discover the best things not to do in your life
A WISE person learns from others’ mistakes. This CD lists the nine most costly mistakes affecting all areas of life. Learn what they are so YOU don’t have to pay the price.

Anchors Aweigh

Move forward by releasing your anchors
Stifled progress? Wish things were moving faster?Time to pull up the Anchor. You can’t move too fast with Anchors dragging. Find those hidden Anchors and free up what has been holding you back.

The Art of Suggestology

Unlock truth & cause real connection
This CD provides you with steps to create accelerated learning and the ability to improve the lives of others – through the use of influential questions.

Becoming a Woman

13 secrets to increase your femininity
Women influence so many lives, yet often feel depleted and powerless to improve personal results. Discover more power to connect with and serve the people around you. Honor your gifts and discover more peace, joy, and freedom!

Body vs. Soul

Discover the good, bad, and ugly truth of body language
Learn the truth about all aspects of Body Language. Learn how to “see” movements that show different emotions, from one extreme to the other. Recognize the signs to look for.

The Bucket List

Sort out your fears with Ann’s radical secret to success
Growth begins at the edge of our comfort zone. Just changing some of the items on your calendar will move you through the growth curve faster. Stop missing opportunities and gain a new level of confidence and success in any area of your life.

The Buffer Zone

Discover ways to surpass mental barriers
Can something that is meant to protect you also be slowing you down? Learn how to reduce the time it takes to make your positive thoughts a reality.
Building A Mind of Steel
Remove mind chatter that distracts you
What you think about, you bring about. Learn what is influencing your thoughts and your decisions. How and what you believe in your mind will determine the outcome of your efforts.

Chaos To Order

Find how to get things by creating order
Stuck? Are things in your life falling apart? Get out of chaos by changing your mindset. You can create order in your environment when your mind is in order.

Don’t Dump Your Cup

Let go of stress with this easy to use technique
In our fast paced world we are often deceived into thinking that doing more, faster, is the only way to get ahead. Learn simple, powerful concepts to help us decrease stress and accomplish more. Yes, at the same time.

The Field

Let go of old stories that hold you back
Conscious expression! Trapped words can be affecting your confidence and your results. Clear your mind, body, and spirit with a trip to The Field.

Finding Your Higher Power

Your vision connects you to something higher
When you crave wisdom and answers to life’s challenges and questions, do you wonder how or where you can find them? Discover the fuel for greater creativity and personal strength — experience Higher Power.

From Hate to Healing

Take your life from broken down to deep love
Healing the body is a process that takes time and patience, and is closely intertwined with loving and caring for oneself. Discover how to love yourself along the journey to personal change and greater health, well-being, and fulfillment.

Go Vertical

No wall can stop you if you go vertical
Learn how to live without obstacles and create a life of RESULTS. Learn how Kirk goes to the next level on a daily basis. Take control of your body and your brain, then accelerate your soul!

The Million Dollar Prayer

You’re meant to be wealthy. Here’s how
Your natural talent could be the answer to all your financial goals. You may have the gift of success right inside of you. Where there is a problem … there is also a solution. It is time to find the solution.

Money Friends

Upgrade your experience with money
Learn to rekindle your relationship with money. It will affect other relationships. Open your eyes and your understanding about money and why you should want to learn how to have more.

Perfection Is A Direction

Change your thinking, get new results
Don’t delay action, avoid decisions, or quit when the first attempt doesn’t go as planned. Release end-of-day exhaustion and disappointment from self-imposed to-do’s. There is nothing that can hold you back once you learn this principle!

The Power of Forgiveness

Let go of grudges and see big changes
Learn to fall in love with who you are and who created you. When your relationships are in order, everything comes into order. Clean up your most important relationships.

Slay the Dragon

Draw your sword and shut down negativity
Is there a Dragon you need to face? Discover the unseen enemy and become a fierce opponent with your own set of weaponry. Successfully fight back; slay your Dragons, avoid future attacks, and move forward.

Speaking Eye To Eye

Find the personal connection you want
The eyes are the window to the soul. You communicate your value through your eye contact. Raise your value by improving how you use eye contact.

Vision Board Success

Your mind has incredible visionary power
Learn how to “see” what you want and “see” where you want to go. Choose what you want to have, feel, and achieve. Get your Vision Board started, and fuel the most powerful tool you have . . . your brain!

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