Mastering Your Influence

If you find yourself complaining and blaming, you need to get training on how to master your influence. Results have a mathematical equation. By mastering the equation to your results, you can master your influence. When you get involved with your life, you affect that equation and, in turn, affect your results.

Three ways to master your influence are:

  • 1. Visualize your results
  • 2. Have a better personal image
  • 3. Manage your personal self talk

The words you think can sabotage your results, or they can propel you forward. The way you talk about yourself when you wake up will drive you through your day. When you mess up, be the best coach you can be for yourself. Don’t beat yourself up.

What should you expect at Master Your Influence?

Master Your Influence is a 3-day event where you will learn how your mind works. You will learn the techniques you need to change your results. Register at Learn the techniques to find your direction.