Kirk and Kim Duncan from 3 Key Elements are the body language experts. And today they’re sharing tips on how to land your dream job with the right body language.

Top reasons people lose the job interview

  • Dressing Sloppy
  • Little to no eye contact
  • Slumped over posture
  • Lean back in chair, too comfortable
  • Fidgety hands
  • Tapping foot too much
  • Too aggressive- leaning forward too much
  • Talk too much and can’t answer questions

How to improve your chances of getting the job

  • Smile with your mouth and your eyes
  • Dress professional
  • Relaxed and calm face
  • Chin up
  • Firm handshake but not overbearing
  • Sitting upright
  • Shoulders slightly pulled back
  • Answer questions with
  • Short precise answers