Kimberlee Duncan


Mentor • Trainer • Keynote Speaker

Queen of the Kingdom

Vibrantly powerful, profoundly inspiring, and unapologetically feminine, Kimberlee Duncan is a radiant example of personal transformation, and an advocate for the power of women. Kim has an extensive personal background in small business. She has successfully created and supported businesses of her own, and is now the Vice President of 3 Key Elements. With her husband Kirk, Kim has helped develop 3 Key Elements from a card table in the garage into the multi-million dollar, award winning company it is today.

3 Key Elements has been recognized 4 consecutive years by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in America. They have also been recognized four consecutive years by the Utah 100 and have been featured in January and December 2015, and February 2017 Forbes business magazine.

Kim has trained, led, and directed thousands of individuals and has assisted many in creating successful businesses of their own. She candidly shares her own story–her personal struggles, triumphs, and even the embarrassing moments that have helped her to grow, all while teaching techniques that can be used to create personal and business success.

To read Kim’s most recent Forbes article,
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Activate my mind and boost my attitude.

• 5 min – Meditate: train my thoughts to be still
• 3 min – Dance: dancing keeps me playful
• 1 min – Repeat my positive affirmations
• 1 min – Power pose: turn my girl power on!
• 10 min – Education: read or listen to books that teach and inspire me
• 10 min – Create my day, review my top 3 most important things to accomplish

“True happiness is a life to be lived to it’s fullest.”

Kim Duncan


Stabilize and create balance.

• 10 min – Set my intention for tomorrow, prioritize my top 3 to-do’s
• 5 min – Gratitude journal, add at least 3 new entries
• 5 min – Review my vision board
• 10 min – Spiritual inspiration
• Get all I can – Emotional connection with my kids
• Get all I can – Romance with my husband
• Calm my mind and relax my body by falling asleep to a meditation audio