Eye to Eye

The quality of your life comes from your ability to connect and communicate. The nonverbal messages you send with your eyes may affect others more than you realize. What message are your eyes sending?

  • 3 actions to START doing with your eyes
    1. Look at people in the eye when you interact with them.
    2. Do less and listen more.
    3. Consistently practice good eye contact each day.
  • 3 actions to STOP doing with your eyes
  • Roll your eyes.
  • Squint at someone.
  • The “whatever” look – lifted head, eyes straight up.

When talking with someone, pay attention to what direction their eyes move. Watch this month’s segment to find out from Kirk Duncan how to tell what someone is thinking about based on the direction of their eye movements.
The eyes are the window to the soul. Notice what others are saying through their eyes. Communication is all about paying attention.

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