Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

Throughout life, schedules become busy with family time, events, and work. This can cause stress for us sometimes. Despite what at times feels like chaos, it is important to develop and maintain a steady routine. Kirk and Kim Duncan, your lifestyle mentors, share 3.5 tips to eliminate the stress and anxiety in your life.

Create a personal routine. If you know how to set up routines and consistently follow them, this doesn’t have to be a stressor for you. It can actually be a fantastic opportunity to grow and stretch yourself. The 3.5 tips are:

  • 1. Create a routine, a small to-do list you can complete each day.
  • 2. Check items off as you complete them. Checking items off gives you a feeling of accomplishment.
  • 3. Be consistent. Consistency creates success.
  • 3.5. Choose what YOU want to have happen next. Work towards a goal you want to happen.

Start your morning with 1-3 items on your to-do list, or even start them the night before. Keep these to-dos small and simple so that you feel confident you can complete them every day. When you complete each item, check it off your list. You’ll feel more accomplished and confident each time you check off a to-do. Be consistent in your daily routine. Building a new step-by-step routine can create a pattern of success in your life that others will want to follow. After you complete your routine, choose what YOU want to have happen next. Have something you are working toward – for the day, week, or month. Looking forward to something will increase your momentum and efficiency.

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