Discover Your Worth

Join your lifestyle mentor, Kim Duncan, and guest student and fan, Allie Walter, on Good Things Utah. Allie, a Queen of the Kingdom student, shares her experience at this inspiring event. Before attending, Allie didn’t realize how often she spoke and thought negatively about herself. She learned at Queen of the Kingdom how to communicate with and love herself and her body more. Using techniques she learned at Queen of the Kingdom, Allie gained confidence and is now able to love herself for who she is.

How can you attain this confidence? Kim finds that so many women are frustrated about their life and critical of themselves. “Women deserve to be happy!” Follow these three simple steps to begin your morning routine:

  • 1. Love yourself. Look in the mirror and say, “You are beautiful.” Or simply wake up and say, “I’m grateful for my body.”
  • 2. Choose your favorite song. Play it every morning and learn the lyrics.
  • 3. Either sing or dance to that song. This helps you to set the tone for your day and take charge of your state of being. If you let others be in charge, things go wrong, you become disappointed, and it takes your day down. When you take charge from the very beginning, you claim your day and your responsibility to create an amazing day.

What to expect at Queen of the Kingdom?

Queen of the Kingdom is a 2-day event open to all women. Thousands of women from all over the country have attended this transformational experience. You can, too! Register at Queen of the Kingdom is a safe place for women to be, accept, and love themselves. Learn techniques to embrace your feminine energy and connect with yourself and other women!