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Company Restructure Notice


To: All 3 Key Elements Employees

Company Restructure Notice

The structure of 3 Key Elements will continue to go through major adjustments and reorganization over the next 3-4 months to adapt to the changing market.

This is a notice that one or more of the following may affect you directly or indirectly:

  • Any position in the company may be renamed, moved, adjusted, reassigned or terminated based upon the skills needed for the company.
  • Any system in the company may be renamed, discontinued, adjusted or created based upon the needs of the company.
  • Any permissions that have been previously given to individuals may be discontinued, adjusted or rearranged.
  • Any agreements, compensations or bonuses may be reevaluated and possibly could be adjusted.Any class, product or service may be adjusted, removed, discontinued or added.

During this “Restructure”, the current work environment that exists will continue, including but not limited to:

  • Online events, due dates, deadlines, corrections, problem solving, meetings, planning, tracking, reporting, teamwork, individual responsibilities, pressure to get things done, making adjustments at the last minute, improving communication skills, keeping work environment clean and organized, honoring and respecting the 3KE Values, Purpose and Mission and the 3KE Team as a whole.

Our intention is to communicate to you throughout this experience. We will update you the best that we can. The plan is to improve efficiency and simplify the systems of the company to reach more people and fulfill our mission. Thank you for your patience.

3 Key Elements


I have received my own copy of this Restructure Notice. I understand that my title, position and job responsibilities may be adjusted. In the event that this may happen, if I do not agree with the changes that are made with me and/or my position, I understand that of my own free will, I may decline the change and personally resign my employment without prejudice or recourse.

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