Kirk wants to celebrate his birthday with you!

Master Your Influence ($97) + Art of Mentoring ($297) = Get both for $97

Shape and form your mind so you can focus, then help others do the same!
When you can focus….you do better and get further.

The BEST and SMARTEST wisdom I picked up in my first 50 years is to get my head put on straight so I could focus.  In my head is where I make all my decisions, interpret life and make plans. If I could focus better I would do better.

Getting my head on straight took me years to figure out. I felt like I was bushwhacking in the jungle.
The good thing is….you don’t have to bushwhack…..YOU GET A SHORTCUT!

If you are like me, you would rather know the right thing to do than make another big mistake.
You don’t have to take the years that it took me to learn how to focus.
I can teach you what matters and what doesn’t matter.  

Yep, that’s right, you get to benefit from my birthday!
I love to teach others how to get focused and how to make progress.

Purchase Master Your Influence and Art of Mentoring!

At Master Your Influence you will discover:

  • 3 KEYS TO OVERCOMING YOUR MENTAL FILTERS. Accessing the filter in your mind makes getting goals faster.
  • 15 PRINCIPLE AREAS OF BODY LANGUAGE. Knowing these areas allows you to understand others better.
  • 3 EFFECTIVE STEPS TO RECALIBRATE YOUR MIND. Increase your vision, activate your language, employ your emotions, to achieve any goal.

At Art of Mentoring you will:

  • DISCOVER THE 6 EMPOWERING STEPS OF THE MENTORING PATH to inspire those you teach, lead, and influence.
  • UNDERSTAND THE 5 ESSENTIAL HUMAN NEEDS to provide those you mentor with a solid foundation.
  • LEARN THE 11 LIFE-CHANGING BENEFITS TO HAVING A MENTOR. Be the “what” and “why” that inspires yourself and others to lasting transformation.

Both of these incredible Trainings for $97. Crazy right!

My hope is that you learn how to shape and form your mind so you can focus, then you can help others do the same. You already have others asking you for advice….might as well give them advice that really works.

I believe there is untapped potential inside of you and others. The reason it doesn’t come up to be used during the day is because the mind has too many distorted thoughts about self image, personal value and abilities. Until that gets realigned….you will function on ¾, ½, ⅓ power. There is a lot that weighs on your mind. Mainly because your direction could be unclear. It makes a BIG difference knowing your direction and purpose in life.

Get your head clear and focused and you will find more personal energy.
SMART step….get this Birthday Special and I will see you at both of these Trainings.

This is a Game Changer! You can stop feeling like you are losing…..and start having progress.

Birthdays are awesome!

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