Do you feel free? Sometimes we get stuck feeling trapped or dependent on certain things to make us happy. What does it takes to build confidence and move forward in life?

You can create confidence from the inside out, when you calibrate yourself into balance. Life shapes and forms us. Your moods affect your posture, but you can reverse that—when you adjust your posture first, you cause your mood to shift. With consistency, you can change. Change the way you stand and move to build back your confidence.

6.5 steps to calibrate your body and raise your confidence:

  • 1. Chin up
  • 2. Smile on
  • 3. Shoulders back
  • 4. Hands relaxed
  • 5. “Tail” out
  • 6. Feet forward
  • 6.5 Need a quicker fix? Choose a superhero pose, and hold it for 30 seconds

Consistently practice calibrating yourself into strength, confidence, and balance. Confidence won’t find you—you have to go create it. Take control of your posture and mood to prove to your mind that you are confident and free.