Advanced Level Goal Setting

Have you ever wondered why all your time and effort isn’t getting you to your goal? As you reach for your New Year’s resolutions, add visualization skills to keep your goals in sight and in mind.

We all have times when we get stuck. Recently in Forbes magazine, Kirk shared his story about when his business was stuck. At that time, he had thought goal posters and vision boards weren’t for him. But when he became desperate, he decided to try using a vision board. He learned that a vision board strengthens your ability to visualize. You become stuck when you can’t see yourself achieving what you want. Seeing is believing; believing is achieving.

How to build your Vision Board:

  1. Create a focus point by framing a space on your wall.
  2. Find an image that represents your goal.
  3. Write a short description to attach to the image.
  4. Post the picture and description of your goal in the framed area on your wall.
  5. Each morning and evening, look at the goal on your vision board for 3 minutes, and imagine what it would be like to accomplish it.

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