3 Key Elements

3 KEY ELEMENTS has been recognized by Inc. 500/5000 for 4 consecutive years as one of the fastest growing companies in America! They have been celebrated by the Utah 100 for the last 4 years., received the Best of State Award in Specialty Education, and were presented with the Utah Genius Award. They have also been invited 3 times to write a feature piece for Forbes business magazine.

We offer significant practical training for groups and individuals to improve communication, relationships, and lifestyle. Our team of trainers and mentors teach body language shows, offer public and private speaking engagements, conduct professional development training, and provide personal and professional mentoring for success.

Our Purpose
Empower the human mind to Improve Relationships,
Increase Personal Power, and Inspire Self Mastery

Our Values
We listen, we care, we serve
We face challenges with optimism
We check our egos at the door
We practice open, real communication
We innovate and constantly improve
We do what we say we will do
We do the right thing

Our Vision
A Vision Board on every wall and a set of Declarations in every hand



We often think we have to juggle so many things in life to stay afloat. What we don't realize is there are some simple things we can do to reduce our mental and physical load we are bearing and regain peace, purpose, and progress. Stop the insanity! Learn from  Kim...

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Can’t Move Forward?

You are limited by your own knowledge and experience and these limitations cost you time and money every day. These limitations are causing you self sabotage. You can't see your personal self sabotage because you're experiencing it. Don't make the same mistakes...

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You are Getting Robbed of Your focus

You are Getting Robbed of Your focus

People are losing the ability to focus 100% on what they are doing, and they don't know how to fix it. They are looking at the wrong problem. Watch as Kirk and Kim Duncan, your lifestyle mentors, teach you how you can stop making poor decisions and missing...

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“Success is not a mystery; it's an equation!”

– Kirk & Kimberlee Duncan –

The mind power I have now, thanks to 3 Key Elements, amazes me. And the best part is that it continues to grow. I am no longer a victim of my moods. Attending just one of Kirk Duncan's classes is life changing!

Heather M.

My life will never be the same, Kirk's events have awoken a side of me I allowed to fall asleep, an ever expanding energy has now become a part of me that will forever move me forward over every wall I will ever face. Nothing can stop me now.

Brandon H.

Thank you for opening my mind up to a whole new world of being able to influence others. I'm so excited to share this new outlook on life. I learned so much!

Chemene J.

Excellent program with so much value. When you attend a course you not only get so much insight in how to up level your life....but you also get offered AMAZING discounts to future classes. So it's just full of value! THANK YOU!

Rae K.

Man, this is so worth the time and money! I'm walking away with so much wealth of knowledge and strength to change my life for the better. Thanks Kirk, you rock!!

Lloyd W.

This course was amazing! Colleges and Universities do not teach the priceless principles that change lives. I highly recommend anyone take this course. You won't be disappointed.

Corey J.

3 Key Elements provides The BEST Self Development and Coaching ever!! I love the whole brain learning approach in order to retain and implement everything easily and consistently. It's so affordable and worth it! I highly recommend for anyone and everyone!

AnnaLea H.