Mother’s Day is a time to cherish the women in your life…but sometimes that can be a little difficult. As women, instead of taking care of ourselves, we tend to take care of everyone else and expect that they’ll do the same for us. We need to remember that they can’t read our minds.

Kim’s 3 tips to have the best Mother’s Day ever:

  1. If you want something, tell your family! If you have a picture in your mind of your perfect Mother’s Day, communicate what that would be to your loved ones.
  2. Take care of yourself. If there’s something that would make you feel amazing, you can get it for yourself!
  3. Let go of your expectations. When you can be happy with whatever happens around you, you will feel so amazing.

Happiness comes from within. It’s time for you to make yourself happy. When you take time to take care of yourself, you’ll have the energy, capacity, and peace of mind to be fully there for your family.