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This training will teach you the tools to Master Your Influence. You'll learn powerful Communication Skills, Mentoring Tools, and Body Language Secrets. When mastered, these three skills will improve your results in a BIG way! Do you know that you're sending messages all the time? Get clear on the messages you are sending and watch as your results increase.


[in-floo-uhns] noun
The definition of "influence" is the power to affect other people's thinking and actions. Becoming a powerful influence starts within you! Gain tools to master your thoughts, emotions, gestures, and results. Learn to understand your own body language using simple and effective mentoring tools. You'll learn to make adjustments that will improve your life.

You will be trained to:

  • Read Body Language - Learn over 60 different body language indicators.
  • Master Your Mind - Learn how to get your mind to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you! Receive mentoring tools that you can use immediately.
  • Get your Mind, Body, and Soul all working together for your success.




Training Tuition



Must be 18 or older.
(Please do not bring babies or dependents.)





Master Your Influence


This training offers a wealth of resources and tools that enlighten the mind to see the importance of powerful thoughts in shaping and receiving better results. Learn language secrets that bring powerful thoughts and ideas together to allow you to become a powerful communicator—increasing your influence and potential to do more.

August 18 - 20 | SLC, UT
Master Your Influence
November 3 - 5 | SLC, UT
Master Your Influence
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